Kiinassa pelattava League of Legends Pro League on jäänyt tauolle koronaviruksen takia. Tauon pituudesta ei ole toistaiseksi tietoa.

Liigan olisi kuulunut jatkua 5. helmikuuta alkaen. LPL:n lisäksi myös League of Legends Development -liiga on pistetty toistaiseksi jäihin.

Kyseessä ei ole ainoastaan nämä kaksi liigaa, sillä Kiinan urheiluhallinto on suositellut perumaan urheilutapahtumat huhtikuuta edeltäviltä kuukausilta.

Suomessa aiheesta uutisoi ensimmäisenä Yle.

We have decided to postpone week 2 of the LPL until we can ensure the safety and health of our players and fans.

To our fans, we sincerely apologize that it has come to this and we will share any and all info as soon as we can.

Stay Safe and thank you all for your support!




I have been advised to edit my post since it has caused some confusions.

1. LPL was scheduled to reopen on February 5th, LDL was scheduled to open after CNY break. It is unknown when will LPL and LDL be delayed until, follow @lplenglish for the latest update.
2. There was an announcement on Chinese motor sports association official website about them pausing an event originally scheduled between February 12th to 14th, in the announcement it mentioned General Administration of Sport has advised to pause all sports events before April.